Chiropractic And Rehab

Chiropractic Care And Plans

We offer Chiropractic services that include: Chiropractic adjustments, injury rehab, hot and cold therapy, ultrasound therapy, and Electrotherapy.

Integrate Health Value Program (for active injury and pain cases)**

1 Chiropractic Visit (Retail Price) $100 (Value price) $50

12 Chiropractic Visits (Retail Price) $1200 (Value price) $600

20 Chiropractic Visits (Retail Price) $2000 (Value price) $1000

24 Chiropractic Visits (Retail Price) $2400 (Value price) $1200

40 Chiropractic Visits (Retail Price) $4000 (Value price) $2000

48 Chiropractic Visits (Retail Price) $4800 ​​​​​​​ (Value price) $2400

**Prepaid plans based on monthly auto debit payments for up to 12 months to be debited monthly.

Prices include any needed physiotherapy or therapeutic exercises.
price does not include exam fees.

Integrate Wellness Program***

1 adjustment $50/Monthly

Up to 2 adjustments $90/Monthly

Up to 4 adjustments $160/Monthly

***Physiotherapy sessions include electric stimulation, heat, ice, therapeutic exercises, and any other recommended applicable modalities or treatments. All memberships are based on Monthly checking auto debit or yearly prepay only. All memberships are non-transferable. All services must be used within 30 days. NO REFUNDS. NO ROLLOVER of services month to month. This program is for chiropractic adjustments that are for wellness care (non-symptomatic) and are not applicable for injuries, auto accidents, or work-related conditions.