Auto Accidents and Personal Injuries

Why come to us for your auto accident and personal injury needs?

Drs. Shavahn and Anthony Witherspoon specialize in providing advanced chiropractic care to victims of auto accidents and all types of personal injury. The treatment we provide is designed to help patients get relief, make a complete recovery, and regain their earlier physical abilities.

Over the last 11 years we have worked with hundreds of patients who had been involved in vehicular accidents. This includes both pedestrians and drivers, those who have been injured in hit-and-run accidents, and individuals who have suffered workplace and slip-and-fall accident injuries. We not only treat patients but also collaborate with the patient's attorney on insurance matters to help victims claim the compensation they deserve.

What to expect when you come in for treatment?

The common physical symptoms of car injuries and other personal injuries are pain, stiffness in the muscles, spasms, numbness, and back pain along with pain in the neck and head. Additionally, auto accident victims may suffer fatigue, insomnia, and difficulty concentrating. Whether or not a car accident victim exhibits these telltale signs of injury, it is critical that he visits a doctor. Often soft tissue injuries have resulted and may not yet be obvious to the victim.

Either Dr. Witherspoon will perform a thorough examination of your injuries. Based on the findings, we will lay out a customized and comprehensive chiropractic care plan designed to facilitate a complete recovery and help you return to active living.

Dr. Shavahn and Anthony Witherspoon and their medical staff have a proven track record of successful chiropractic care. Their accurate diagnosis and effective treatment methods decrease the likelihood of recurring symptoms. For example, post-traumatic osteoarthritis caused by a car accident injury can occur many days or months after the accident. This condition leads to poor posture, degenerative disc disorder, and may cause the partial or total loss of motion in the affected area. Treating this condition is expensive, may involve taking time off from work, and can cause emotional trauma. Our chiropractic treatments are designed to not only address the patient's current relief needs, but also to reduce the risk of recurring health problems like these down the line.

Why you need a lawyer?

Integrate Health and Wellness not only offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment facilities, but we can also assist in helping our patients find an attorney. If you already have an attorney that’s great, we can work with any attorney’s office.

The attorneys that we recommend are attorneys that we have worked with in the past and whom our patients have had nothing but excellent experiences with. Attorneys make the whole processes of dealing with a car accident easier. If an attorney takes your case you will no longer be bothered with insurance adjuster’s phone calls, questions and requests. All communication goes directly through the attorney. Attorneys pay for themselves by negotiating a monetary settlement for the patient’s pain and suffering after they have completed rehabilitation for their injuries. Pain and suffering pay outs by the insurance companies are often far greater when negotiated by an attorney than if negotiated by an inexperienced car accident victim. In most instances (not all) a car accident victim should only worry about getting themselves better and leave the negotiations to the professionals.

Time is of the essence again in this situation because the more communication you have with the insurance adjusters, the more likely an attorney will not be able to help you. It is always a shame when we see patients try to negotiate their own settlement against the advice of an attorney only to realize that the adjuster really doesn’t have their best interest at heart. They suddenly realize that the adjuster is only interested in saving money for the insurance company. By this time, it’s too late; no attorney can help them.

We will recommend some of the best attorneys in the Triangle area that will consult with you for free and only take your case if they are confident, they will put you in a better situation with them, than without.

Lastly our administrative professionals will organize all your accrued bills, the doctor’s notes and any pertinent accompanying documents. We use the most up to date software and can send out your entire case chart within one business day to the appropriate party.

Auto Accident and Personal Injury FAQ’s

Should I See a Chiropractor Even If I’m Not in Pain?
Many people are surprised by the advice to see a chiropractor after an accident – especially if they are not experiencing immediate pain. Unfortunately, some injuries can take days, weeks, months, and even years to surface – injuries that could be identified and treated much more quickly with a thorough chiropractic examination.

Is It Normal for Pain to Intensify Days After the Original Injury?
Many people report little or no pain at the time of the auto accident only to experience much stronger aches and pains in the days and weeks to follow. It is quite normal. However, if you have not seen a chiropractor, now is the time to do so.

How Long Will It Take Auto Accident Injuries to Heal?
Unfortunately, that is a question that will require an examination before it can be answered. Everyone is different, and many factors can affect recovery time from your injuries including things like the severity of the injury, your overall state of health, your body’s healing capacity, and the treatment plan you follow.

What Types of Chiropractic Treatments Are Used for Auto Accident Injuries?
This is another question that varies a great deal from person to person and has much to do with the specific injuries sustained. Among the common treatments, you will find corrective exercises, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustment, electrical therapy, spinal manipulation, and other types of treatment. Our chiropractor will discuss possible treatment options following examination.

Why Consider Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries?
There are many reasons chiropractic care reigns supreme when it comes to managing pain and promoting healthy healing from auto accident injuries. Not only is it a drug-free treatment, but the techniques used are also non-invasive, and complementary with other forms of injury treatment.

​​​​​​​If you’re looking for a chiropractor in the Triangle area, now is the perfect time to call Integrate Health and Wellness to assist in your auto accident injury recovery needs. Call our Morrisville clinic at (919) 887-8200 to schedule an evaluation and treatment!