Butt Lift

Non-Invasive Vacuum Butt Lift


A Vacuum Butt Lift is a non-invasive service that tones your derriere without the use of surgery or incisions. It is a technique that helps lift, contour, diminish the appearance of cellulite and plump the buttocks via a suction device equipped with large cups. During the service, two suction cups are moved over the thigh, then two larger suction cups are sealed over each side of the butt for approximately 30 minutes. Once the service is done, the buttocks and thighs are noticeably plumper, firmer, and rounder.

The Vacuum Butt Lift process may help to improve lymphatic drainage, stimulate the muscles, break down and shift fat deposits, and stimulate the hypodermis, all of which combine to provide increased toning effects and give the appearance of a smoother, firmer, more lifted backside.

It’s important to note that results are not instant and are dependent on your muscle definition and skin elasticity. To achieve optimal effects and maintain your results, you’ll also want to purchase multiple sessions and continue with regular exercise.

If you have any questions about our Vacuum Butt Lift service, please feel free to reach out to us here or give us a call at (919) 887-8200

1 session: $80
3 sessions: $180
Monthly maintenance (Automatically debited every month): $60
Wood therapy add-on: $50/session